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Beloit Box Board Company, Inc.

Currently and historically, Beloit Box Board Co., has worked toward conservation and pollution prevention.

Environmental Initiatives: 

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100% recycled paperboard
  • Beloit Box Board, along with the City of Beloit, Wisconsin, developed a curbside recycling program. The residents of Beloit, Wisconsin have the opportunity to recycle within their own community. Mixed paper, corrugated, and cardboard placed in curbside recycling bins are delivered to Beloit Box Board's raw material warehouse.  
  • Completely closed mill process water system to allow zero discharge of water, reducing water output by 150,000 gallons per day.
  • Installation of high efficiency wood stove for consumption of scrap pallet wood to reduce landfill materials and to provide preheated combustion air for the boiler, resulting in 2% reduction in natural gas usage.  
  • Installation of an energy efficient double insulated boiler for steam production.  
  • Purchase and use of Hybrid vehicles for company transportation.  
  • Recycled 22,146 Tons of wastepaper in 2008.
  • Recycle our baling wire and plastic externally.
  • Consistent Environmental Compliance Certificate awarded by the city of Beloit.

What natural resources are saved by recycling one ton of paper?

Recycling 1 ton of paper saves an average of 7,000 gallons (26,495 liters) of water; 3.3 cubic yards (2.5 cubic meters) of landfill space; 3 barrels of oil (1 barrel equals 42 gallons); 17 trees; and 4,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity (enough energy to power the average home for 6 months).

Source: Gale Book of Averages, p. 428.

Beloit Box Board Company, Inc.
Beloit Box Board Company, Inc. Beloit Box Board Company, Inc.